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The Blur Pedicure

Our standard...

Relaxing warm foot soak. Nails filed, shaped, and lightly buffed. Cuticles pushed, removed, and oiled. Dead skin filed followed by light exfoliation of legs and feet. Lotion, massage, and hot towel finish. Nails can be left with your choice of natural finish, buff shine, clear polish, or matte polish.

The Paesan

For the paesan...

Our flagship pedicure with basil hinted foot soak to soothe and calm skin. Legs and feet exfoliated with an Italian olive oil sea salt scrub made chair side.

The Athlete

For the sore legs and feet...

Pedicure with 10 minute epsom salt/menthol soak to relieve aches and inflammation. Hot towels wrapped on legs to relieve soreness. Trigger point massage finish.

The Wanderer

For the neglected feet...

Pedicure with addition of heavily filing and exfoliation to remove dead and dry skin. Extensive callus removal. Hot towel and massage finish.

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